Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch Review

This Braun Ceramic Analog Watch in all black is simply stunning.  The clean lines and ceramic casing make this watch stand apart from the rest.

Like Miansai and others, Braun is another brand that knows what it’s doing in regards to crafting refined, minimal watches. It’s been a leader in the category thanks to its distinctive looks, and the Ceramic Analog Display Watch is no different. The 39mm case diameter should be just right, and the construction of this watch should definitely be sturdy — and stylish — enough to handle everyday wear.

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This is truly what Braun simplicity in design used to be. There is no doubt that at some point the black color will start to wear off. Right now I take it off when I am at my desk as to not grind against the desk surface. The glass face looks clear on mine watch. The clasp is strong and looks awesome when it’s closed on your wrist. The links are spring loaded not push through type. So if you bring it somewhere to be adjusted and they break out the little hammer, stop them and say they are spring loaded and just need to be pushed down slightly and popped out. At this point I have owned this for about 1 month and wear it everyday to an office job. I would recommend taking it off if you are going to work on a car, or wash your hands or whatever. It is a designer piece that is simple and functional.. Tit does not monitor your heart beat or how well you slept last night, or even now much you snore, it tells time and looks great doing it.


Braun Watch – BN0171GYGYG – Black

Simple and handsome, this men’s Braun timepiece is a smart choice for the modern man. The black ceramic bracelet is paired with a matte finished black ceramic case and a simple black dial, perfect for every day wear. In 1971, Braun launched a series of travel alarm clocks and watches. The infamous German industrial designers, Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs were the masterminds behind the project; and, with their “Less, is more” design philosophy they produced a number of memorable products for Braun including some of the best travel alarm clocks around.

Over the last 40 years, Braun time pieces were characterized by their pure, highly functional and timeless design with no superfluous details: Every feature directly reflects a function. Rooted in over half a century of modern design at Braun, the core values of functionality, quality and aesthetics are reflected in all clocks and watches. The strength of clarity and simplicity of their design makes them a pleasure to use and to own. The analogue clocks were manufactured with the intention to prioritize innovation and durability. The beautifully sleek structure and dial illumination, together with the slight graying back of the numbers ensures that the hour arms are clear and easily readable. All the clocks use precision German movements, known for their silent nature and high accuracy. A variety of models use radio controlled movements for complete accuracy of time. A selection of the very best classic clocks and watches have been recreated in keeping with the high standards of quality of the originals. At the same time, brand new designs on both watches and clocks take the collection further than ever before.



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