HYGGE 3012 Watch Series Review

Pentagon has found a unique and clever way of displaying time in the developed ‘HYGGE 3012‘ – a series of simple, functional watches crafted to highlight the display.  The watch series highlights several unique color combinations to tell time.  The logic of the timepiece face is simple; the bottom disk indicates hours and top disk minutes. the crown construction reduces distractions while viewing the display; placed inside a case allowing it to be pulled out when needed. the stainless steel enclosure is sandblasted to provide a matte finish in both silver and black, extending the quality of manufacturing processes, materials, and mechanical design into a functional and durable product.


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The brand name might be a bit unusual, but the construction and style of the 3012 Series from HYGGE is anything but strange. The eye-catching style is the winner of multiple design awards, which certainly says something compared to other timepieces. The range of color combinations available should suit every style, and the super-unique look should still offer plenty of styling potential, no matter the situation.