Updated August 20th, 2020

The Junghans Max Bill Automatic Mens Watch is truly a work of art.  This watch is considered a classic of the modern watch movement and has been something to live up to since 1962.  While being a bit on the pricey side for modern minimalist watches, it is truly of the highest quality.  Crafted in Germany with love, this watch has a minimal face with numerical markings having a slightly retro feel.

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His work is characterized by a clarity of design and precise proportions which are unrivaled to this day, and in 1962, Max Bill created mechanical wristwatches for Junghans. These impressive timepieces are renowned not only for their aesthetic design, but also their precision. Now, these exceptional and exclusive models have been revived by Junghans with their original Max Bill design. This Max Bill Automatic Watch features easy to read, modern style numerals with a self-winding movement in a perfectly polished stainless steel case and calfskin band.

Junghans – Schramberg, 1861
Creative inventors brought greatness to south-western Germany and the precision engineering industry of the Black Forest. Innovative ideas also brought technological changes to traditional watchmaking. This gave rise to companies that still set international standards to this day. In the 19th century, they were already exporting their products throughout the world. One such company was Junghans. Founded in 1861 by Erhard Junghans, the company grew rapidly and was soon making history not only in the fields of clock and watchmaking but also of industry and architecture. By 1903 Junghans was the largest clock manufacturer in the world. In 1961, the year of the company’s centenary, 20,000 clocks and watches of all kinds were produced each day by 6,000 employees, using 10,000 machines, with the output exported to 100 countries.

Junghans watches have a long history and a great tradition, in which watchmaking and art harmonize wonderfully on the wrist. Our watches are consciously understated, preferring to underscore the personality and attitude of the wearer. Because true style is never loud, it deliberately favors the more restrained approach. It is from this philosophy that many of our classic watches have arisen. Maybe this is also why a Junghans watch is one of the most stylish compliments you can pay yourself – and your wrist.
A Junghans watch is characterized by meticulousness, skilled craftsmanship and creative nuance. To ensure a perfect end product, creative and design processes go hand in hand. The exact dimensioning of all components ensure reliable production and manufacturing processes. And it is not just the finished timepiece that is subjected to an intensive quality inspection, but each individual component – beginning with the realization stage. Only when all components have successfully passed quality inspection are they brought together to create a Junghans. Because our passion is precision.
Case diameter 38 millimeters